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Bannerghata National Park, Karnataka

Bannerghata National ParkEstablished in 1971, the Bannerghata National Park, in Karnataka, lies twenty two kms fromBangalore. Teeming with exotic species of wildlife, the park boasts an astonishing variety of trees like sandal, jalari, chujjullu, neem, tamarind, zizyphus amongst others. The park spans 104 sq. kms which includes ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. It is surrounded by scenic hills, with many ancient temples perched on them.

The principal inhabitants of the national park are elephants, which migrate from Kollegal and nearby Tamil Naduterritory, for the major part of the year. The abundant bamboo growth provides fodder for these magnificent animals. Some of the other inhabitants of the park include wild pigs, panthers, bears, sambar, spotted deer, and the black buck. Huge monitor lizards as well as cobras, pythons, kraits and Russell vipers roam the park. The avian population comprises pelicans, cormorants, painted storks, white ibis and spoonbills among others.

The Bannerghata National Park project comprises the National Park, the Safari Park with a Herbivore Safari and a Lion Safari, Picnic Corner, Crocodile Farm, Serpentarium, Pets Corner, and a Museum besides a Park of pre-historic animals.

The beautiful Suvarnamukhi stream running through the park, originates in the Suvarnamukhi hills. These hills spread out to a huge rock, about a kilometre long. At the foot of the rock is the famous Champaka Dhama Swamy temple, built in the Dravidian style of architecture, belonging to the Hoysala age. The temple enshrines an image of Vishnu with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. The Suvarnamukhi hill also houses a small shrine dedicated to Narasimha, and two kms away is the Suvarnamukhi pond the waters of which are believed to have curative powers.

A trip to Bannerghata National Park promises to be a memorable experience, for nature, history, botany and wildlife buffs.

How to get there

The nearest city, air and rail head is Bangalore, 22 kms from Bannerghata (one kilometre from the park itself). Government buses ply between Bangalore and Bannerghata. The Forest Department has arranged for mini buses and vans to take visitors around the Lion Safari.

When to visit

September to June is the best time to visit. The park is open throughout the year.

Where to stay

The Forest rest house is available for accomodation.


ACF, Bannerghata National Park, Bangalore-83.

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