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Rajasthan, the land of the mystic forts, magnificient places and romantic the great Maharajas is also a land which showcases exquisite arts and crafts. Perfect place to shop, it offers everything from handicrafts to furniture. The narrow meandering lanes of Jodhpur are always bustling with activities of the shopkeepers, articians and craftman. Near the clock tower and Jeti gate fascinating kathputtis (merionetres) shoes and lacquee zangles are available.

Other than the usual handicrafts Jodhpur is known for its time antiques. The road which links Git Bhawan with umaid Bhawan houses a plethora of antique shops. The intricately designed antiques are in great demand here. Replicas of the antiques are available here too.

Jaisalmer, a perfect place to shop for handicrafts, glass work, fascinating embroidery, exquisite bedsheets, beautiful minature paintings, and camel hair blankets and rugs. Jaisalmer is also known for its mirrorwork and old stone work.

Udaipur houses the Bada Bazaar and Bapli Bazaar.These fascinating shop offer a number of rare and unusual objects. The beautiful traditional folk paintings helding the charm of the Rajput and Mugal Style are its chief attraction. Antique jewellery and colourful turbans souvenia also serve as a great of Rajasthan. There are many shopping street in Udaipur. The Lake Palace road and streets around jagaph temple are some of them.

Jaipur a house of handicrafts and precious stone is one of the best place to shop. Handicrafts are available in a wide range at the Rajasthani Emporium situated on the M I Road. Textiles from bedspreads to scarves are available in abundance at Rajasthan Handlooms House at M I road and Anokhi at Tilak Marg.

Jaipur famous for its marble status, Antique jewellery and fascinating handicrafts, is also known for its previous and semi precious stones. Haldijon Ka Rastra is where you can find previous stone and the place to shop for semi precious stone is Gopalgit Ka Rasta, which are found near Johari Bazaar.

If you want to shop for Khadi and Cotton Khadi gram is the best place to shop. The right place to shop for traditional and ever the latest classical Indian music, is Pushkar. The other attraction of Pushkars Bazaar are the finely embroidered fabrics.

The beautifully ambroidered wall hangings, bedspreads, cushions and many other article the shop here.

The rustic charm of Bundi is also reflected in its market lanes. The best place to shop here is Bundi Cafe Crafts. The market place of the hill station of mount also serves as a great place to buy mementoes.

Bikaner fort houses a great shop housing beautiful handicrafts of Rajasthan. The shop is run by Uamul Trust. Rajasthan helds rocks of interesting to shop. So when you are visiting Rajasthan be ready to be swayed away by these beautiful places of works, that will leave your wanting for work.


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