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Kesroli fort is believed to be 600 years old and possesses a charm and an aura of its own. The mystic and serene beauty of the land leaves one in a trance, for days after a visit to this place. Nestled in the comfortable arms of the Aravalli hills, lies a mount of dark hornstone breccia rock. Situated in north-eastern Rajasthan, the Kesroli lies on the top of this amazing hill. Close to Alwar, the fascinating fort, a treat to the eyes, cannot be missed. This medieval fort covers around two acres of area and provides the facility of overnight stay.

The main entrance of the fort has a spike-studded hardwood gate for its protection. One can access this entrance by a short drive. The climb upto this place takes you through the glorious tall walls. As you climb further, scenic views and cool climate fall at your feet. A narrow path leads you to the second gate from here, which is agonisingly small, perhaps it was some secret passage of those times. The small gate forms an opening into the grass courtyards on several levels within the fort.

The courtyards appear to be cut into the hill; enveloped by buildings that are believed to have formed residence to the ancient rulers of this fort. The ramparts of the fort are pretty ancient and hence built with solid rock. There are lush green fields to give you a soothing view to your eyes if you are missing one. The fort has now been refurnished, though. Beautiful landscapes have been created to give it a more attractive and natural look. The landscapes have on display, beautiful garden flowers and trees.


Few of the major attractions here are the Neemrana duo, Aman Nath and Francis Waczairg, that are refreshingly different. The place is famous for the scintillating carved woodwork or golden idols, that make Kesroli, a more homely town. The most coveted varieties of artwork in this place, are the basic artifacts that are available at the village fair.

Among the attractive garments on diaplay, the most prominent ones are batik and cotton; and the 19th century wood chairs and wicker chairs covered in cotton prints are also worth a dekko. The most glorious sight here is the sunset, it appears in hues of orange, red and purple and all the possible colours you might think of. Enclosed courtyards amidst dark and sheltering trees, gives you a feeling of divinity.

That's Kesroli for you, more of a charming tourist venue than a fort. The Beebi Moosa ki Chhatri is a must-see. The mani Alwar fort on the hill nearby offers magnificent views. The Silisehr lake along with the Jaisamad lake nearby also form a few of the attractions here.

Fact File

Best time to visit : October to March.
Climate : Winters are pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 30C and 250C in December, and going up to between 300C and 480C in summer.

How to get there

Kesroli is at a distance of 170 km to the south of Delhi. The route transverses the main Jaipur highway to Dharuhera, then turns left and runs due south via Tijara to 2 km short of Alwar. The road then turns left and joins after 6 km the old Sohna road form Alwar to Delhi. Kesroli is 2 km from this broken rural road.


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