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All the bright colours of art, dance and music is a part of Rajasthani life. Various fairs and festivals are celebrated here throughout the year with great joy and enthusiasm. Along with all the religious festivals, Rajasthan also celebrates many traditional fairs. There are animal fairs, religious fairs and there are other fairs to mark the changing colourful seasons. One can visit Rajasthan any time of the year and be a part of the Rajasthani traditional fairs that involves elephants, camel races, dance and music specially organised for the tourists.

Nagaur Fair, is a famous fair of Rajasthan. It is celebrated in the month of January-February. The fair is essentially organised an animal fair and it provides an opportunity to participate in some of the local sports.

Desert Festival is celebrated in Jaisalmer in the same months as Nagaur fair. The special feature of this festival is an unforgettable journey through a deserted land to the golden city of Jaisalmer that stands with the charm of its own. This festival is a major tourist attraction of Rajasthan.

Baneshwar Fair is also arranged in the month of January and February. It is a religious festival with simple and traditional rituals. This fair is the centre of attraction of a large number of tribals from the neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat who join the fair with the people of Rajasthan to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

Gangaur festival is celebrated in a famous city of Jaipur in the month of March-April. The festival is devoted to Goddess Parvati. It is time for young girls to dress up in their finery and pray for grooms of their choice while the married women pray for the well-being of their husbands. This festival is celebrated for 18 days along with various activities and concludes in a grand procession marking the arrival of Shiva to escort his bride home.

Mewar Festival, Udaipur is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring season in the month of March and April. There is song, dance processions, devotional music and fireworks where almost all people participate.

Elephant Festival is a tourist attraction of Jaipur, which is celebrated during the holi in March and April. Elephant festivals enables the tourists to witness several elephant sports and also participate this festival of colours. An elephant show is organised..

Urs Ajmer Sharif
, festival is arranged in the memory of the respected Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti. A large number of people gather at the shrine and offer prayers. Several programmes are organised to mark the festivals.

Summer Festival of Mt. Abu in organised in the month of June. Mount Abu is the coldest place at this time of the year. Folk dances and a general atmosphere of gaiety prevails in this tiny hill resort and the tourists enjoy this festival with great enthusiasm.

Teej, is another famous festival of Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated in Jaipur in the month of July and August. This festival welcomes the beginning of monsoon. Essentially being a women’s festival, women celebrate it with a great fervour, they dress up in bright colour outfits and a lot of merriment prevails during Teej.

Marwar Festival is celebrated in Jodhpur in the month of October. A festival is mainly a celebration of music and dance of the Marwar region. This festival allows the visitor enjoy the folk traditions of this part of the state.

Pushkar Fair is celebrated in Ajmer in the month of November. This festival is well-known and marked with largest participation of all the festivals of Rajasthan. Pushkar is an important pilgrimage as well as the venue of a cattle fair. Bazaars, auctions, music and sports are a highlight of this fair.

Camel Festival
is a part of Bikaner and is celebrated in the month of January. It is an enchanting desert city which comes alive with music and dance. Camel festival is becoming popular as the visitor gets an opportunity to participate some unusual folk performances like camel race, camel dance etc.


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