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The crowning glory of Rajasthan

Nagaur, the historic town of India also has become the crowning glory of Rajasthan with a strong fort called Ahhichatragarh or Nagaur. The mighty fort was supposed to be built around the 4th century but the lost glory of the fort dates back to 12th century when extensive renovations were carried out. The castle is built on a hillock. Almost all the forts in Rajasthan are built in such manner. The Nagaur fort has managed to survive through the battles fought. Ahhichatragarh is fortified by two huge concentric walls, with the inner one as thick as 30 feet at the base.

The fort belongs to the member of Chauhana family called Rai Bisala. The fort was renovated in 1119 by Mohammad Bahlim, the governor in Gazanis court. The gateway to the castle displays a plate which bears an inscription stating the date when the fort was renovated.

The strong foundation and renovation helped the fort stand out through all the battles. Today, the fort is in a very bad shape where only the skeletal is remaining. However, the broken structure of what once must have been a beautiful fountain with 17 jets still speak of the long-gone glory of Nagaur fort.

Inside the fort is also housed the Pil Khana (a place where the elephants are kept), has still maintained its stability. The Ahhichatragarh fort is still blowing the trumpets...of course not announcing the battle but to welcome all the visitors.


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