Hill station

Panchgani - Maharashtra

PanchganiPanchgani derives its name from the five hills around it. At an altitude of 1334 m, Panchgani is just 38 m below Mahabaleshwar. These 38 m translate themselves into a breathtaking 18 km approach, that swoops around and bends with abandon, offering splendid views of the river Krishna on one side, and the coastal plains, on the other. Panchgani is the quintessential hill station. It can be seen in the architecture of the old British buildings, the Parsi houses, and the boarding schools that have been around for a century or more.

Amble along the walkways, thickly canopied by lush trees and vegetation, and delight in the secrets you stumble upon. The river Krishna snakes through tiny hamlets, farms and ravines. Select a horse from one of the numerous stables and canter along unchartered routes through hidden lovers' routes, to the caves and the Kamalgad fort. Or while away your time at the bazaar. Taxis are available, but bicycles and horses are recommended for travelling long distances.

Temperatures vary from 16 deg celsius in winter to 35 deg celsius in summer. September to May is the best time to visit.

How to Get There

Pune, 98 km away, is the nearest and most convenient railhead. Luxury bus services are available from Pune and Mumbai.

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