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Mount Abu - Rajasthan

Mount Abu, in Rajasthan, is both a hill resort and a pilgrimage site. This mountain lies at the southern extremity of the Aravalli Range. Surrounded by forests, rich in flora and fauna, the town appears as an oasis. The drive uphill along Abu Road, overlooks an arid region, strewn by huge rocks with smooth surfaces, and weird shapes, fashioned by high velocity winds. The altitude of this plateau (1220 m), and the abundant vegetation have blessed Abu with a pleasant climate.

Abu, according to legend, stands for the son of Himalaya. Many sages and seers had their retreats on Mt. Abu, the most famous of them being, sage Vashistha. Mt Abu was dedicated to Lord Shiva, before it became a Jain pilgrim centre. The greatest attraction of Abu are the grand Dilwara temples.

What to See

Dilwara Jain Temples: These temples, built between the 11th and 13th centuries, are famous for their rich, intricate marble carvings. Vimal Vasahi is the oldest of these Jain temples. Built in 1031 A.D., in the village of Dilwara by Vimal Shah, it is a perfect example of Gurjar-Pratitar temple architecture, comprising of a central shrine, a room with a transept, a large colonnaded area, and an ambulatory lined by 52 small shrines, each housing a statue.

Adhar Devi Temple:
A beautiful temple chiselled out of a huge rock, it is formed by a natural cleft.

Nakki Lake: Beyond the Raghunath temple, is the placid Nakki lake, studded with little islets. Nowhere else in India, except in the Himalayas, does a lake exist 1200 m above sea level. This lake, as legend has it, was dug out by the gods with their nails.

Gaumukh Temple: A little brook flowing from the mouth of a marble cow, gives the shrine its name. Nearby is a marble image of Nandi, the bull.

Sunset Point: This place offers an enchanting view of the crimson colours of dusk, kissing the lush plains on the horizon.

Honeymoon Point: Honeymoon Point provides a pleasant view of the verdant valley and plains. It looks especially beautiful, at sunset.

Trevor's Tank: Trevor's Tank is a bird-watcher's paradise. The thickly wooded hills around it are teeming with pheasants, peacocks and partridges.

How to Get There

By Air: Udaipur (185 km) is the nearest airport. Taxis and buses are available to reach Mount Abu.

By Rail: Abu Road (29 km) is the nearest railhead linked with Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

By Road: Abu is well connected with Udaipur (185 km), Ahmedabad (221 km) and Jodhpur (326 km).

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