Present-day Vadodara is a pleasant, medium-sized city with some interesting museums and art galleries and a fine park. The city's well-known Fine Arts College attracts students from around the country and abroad. It is a good place for a short pause. Sayaji Bagh and Vadodara Museum : This extensive park, encircled by a mini- railway, is a popular spot for an evening stroll. Within the park is the Vadodara Museum and Art Gallery. The museum has various exhibits, while the gallery has Moghul miniatures and a collection of European masters. Also within the park grounds is a planetarium. There is also a small zoo. Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum : A little south of the centre, this royal art collection includes European works by Raphael and examples of Greco-Roman, Chinese and Japanese art, as well as Indian exhibits. The museum is in the palace grounds. Other Attractions : The flamboyant Laxmi Vilas Palace has a large collection of armour and sculptures. The Naulakhi Well is 50 mtr. north of the palace.These interesting multi-level wells are unique to western India. There are others in Ahmedabad as well as just outside the city. The Gaekwad rulers' family vault, the Kirti Mandir, is decorated with murals created by Indian artist Nandilal Bose. The town centre is built around a lake swarming with fish.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY AIR The Indian Airlines office is on University Rd, Fateh Ganj. There are Indian Airlines flights from Vadodara to Bombay, Delhi and Ahmedabad. BUS The long-distance bus stand is half a km north of the railway station, and there are STC buses to many destinations in both Gujarat and Western Madhya Pradesh and northern Maharashtra. The private companies all have their offices in the vicinity of the bus stand. TRAIN Vadodara is 100 km south of Ahmedabad and 392 km north of Bombay. Between Vadodara and Ahmedabad you pass through Anand, a small town noted for its dairy production.

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