Ujjain is one of India's holiest cities for Hindus. It is one of the sites of the Kumbh Mela which takes place here every 12 years. It ranks equal as a great religious centre with such places as Varanasi,Gaya and Kanchipuram. TEMPLES Mahakaleshwar Temple : It is the most important temple dedicated to Siva. The temple enshrines one of India's 12 jyoti linga. Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir : Above the tank near the Mahakaleshwar temple, the large ornate statue of Ganesh here makes this temple a popular pilgrimage spot. Harsiddhi Temple : Built during the Maratha period, this temple enshrines a famous image of the goddess Annapurna. The two large pillars adorned with lamps were a special feature of Maratha art and are spectacular when lit at Navratri in September-October. Gopal Mandir : The marble-spired Gopal Mandir is an excellent example of Maratha architecture. The doors of the sanctum are silver-plated. This is a very large temple. Chintaman Ganesh Temple : On the opposite bank of the River Shipra, this temple is believed to be of considerable antiquity. The pillars of the assembly hall are artistically carved. Ghats : The largest of all the ghats is the Ram Ghat, close to the Harsiddhi Temple.



Ved Shala (observatory) : Since the fourth century BC, Ujjain has been India's Greenwich, with the 1st meridian of longitude passing through it. The observatory is smaller but interesting. Kaliadesh Palace : On an island in the Shripa River, 8 km. north of town is the water palace. The central dome of the palace is a good example of Persian architecture.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS There are frequent daily buses to Indore which are generally faster than the train. Other buses go to Bhopal and there are two buses a day to Mandu. A few buses connect Ujjain with Kota in Rajasthan. TRAIN The overnight Malwa Express is the fastest link with Delhi. It leaves Delhi at 7.15 pm, stop in Ujjain with Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Bilaspur. To Bombay requires a change of train at Nagda.

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