Inside the Somnath temple there are fine views from the second floor, as well as a photo collection on the archaeological excavation of the seven temples. The temple is built to traditional patterns and is by the sea. It is one of the 12 sacred Siva shrines known as jyoti lingas. Museum : Down the lane from the temple is a museum. There are pottery shards, a sea-shell collection and a glass case of water bottles containing samples from the Danube, Nile, River Plate and even the Australian Murray. Other Sites : The town of Somnath Patan is entered from Veraval by the Junagadh Gate. Close to the second gate is an old mosque. The Jami Masjid, reached through the town's picturesque bazaar, was constructed using parts of a Hindu temple and has interesting bo tree carvings at all four corners. It is now a museum with a collection from many of these temples. To the east of the town is the Bhalka Tirth. The legendary spot is at the confluence of three rivers. You can get to it through the small sangam, which is known as the Nana, or Small Gate. North of this sacred spot is the Suraj Mandir, or Temple of the Sun. This temple has a frieze of lions with elephant trunks around its walls.

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