Rameswaram is the Varanasi of the south and a major pilgrimage centre for both Saivaites and Vaishnavaites. Ramanathaswamy Temple is one of the most important southern temples. Ramanathaswamy Temple : It is the town's most famous monument,a fine example of late Dravidian architecture. Its most renowned feature is its magnificent corridors lined with massive sculptured pillars, noted for their elaborate design, style and rich carving. Its gopuram is 53.6 mtrs. high. The temple is open from 4 am to 1 pm and 3 to 9 pm. Kothandaraswamy Temple : This is another famous temple, about 3 km from the extreme tip of the island. Adam's Bridge : It is the name given to the chain of reefs, sandbanks and islets that almost connects Sri Lanka with India. Other Attractions : There is a lovely bathing pool at Dhanushkodi on the very tip of the peninsula.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS The bus station is 2 km west of town. Thiruvalluvar buses run to Madurai four times daily and to Kanyakumari, Trichy and Madras. There are also a number of buses to Pondicherry, Trichy and Thanjavur via Madurai. TRAIN There are two expresses to/from Madras daily, the Sethu Express and the Rameswaram Express. The only way go get from Rameswaram to Madurai or vice versa direct is on the daily Rameswaram-Madurai Passenger train.

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