The interesting little town of Pushkar is one of those travellers' centres where people go for a little respite from the hardships of life on the Indian road.The town clings to the side of the small but beautiful Pushkar Lake with its many bathing ghats and temples.For Hindus,Pushkar is a very important pilgrimage centre.Pushkar is also world famous for the huge camel and cattle fair which takes place here each October or November. CAMEL FAIR: The Rajasthan tourist office has promoted the fair as an inter- national attraction by adding Rajasthan dance programmes and other cultural events and by putting up a huge tent city for the Indian and foreign visitors.It's one of India's biggest and most colourful festivals. TEMPLES: The most famous temple is the temple dedicated to Brahma.It's marked by a red spire,and over the entrance gateway is the 'hans', or goose symbol,of Brahma. The Rangji Temple is also important.The one-hour trek upto the hilltop temple overlooking the lake is best made early in the morning;the view is magnificent. GHATS: There are numerous ghats which run down to the lake.



Things to Buy -------------- Pushkar has a wide selection of handicraft shops all along the main bazaar and is especially good for embroidered fabrics such as wall hangings,bed covers,cushion covers and shoulder bags.There's something to suit all tastes and pockets. In between these shops are the clothing shops. The music shops are well worth a visit if one is interested in picking up some examples of traditional or contemporary classical Indian music. There are a number of bookshops in the main bazaar selling secondhand novels in various languages and they'll buy them back for 50% of what you pay.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY Buses depart Ajmer from the stop near the railway station. It is possible to continue straight on from Pushkar to Jodhpur without having to backtrack to Ajmer, but the buses go there via Metra and can take eight hours.It is much faster to go to Ajmer and take the 4.5 hour express bus.

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