Situated 51 km. south-west of Bhavnagar, the town of Palitana is little more than a gateway to Shatrunjaya, the Place of Victory. The 600 mtr. ascent from the town to the hilltop is a walk of some two kilometre. There are a number of temples. The hilltop is dedicated entirely to the gods. Almost all the temples are Jain. The hilltops are bounded by sturdy walls and the temples are grouped into nine enclosures or tunks-each with a central major temple and many minor ones clustered around. The hilltop affords a very fine view in all directions; on a clear day you can sea the Gulf of Cambay beyond Bhavnagar. The most notable of the temples is dedicated to Shri Adishwara, the first Jain tirthankar. The Chaumukh, or Four-Faced shrine, has images of Adinath facing out in the four cardinal directions. Other important temples are those to Kumar Pal and Vimal Shah. There are so many marble temples on the hill summit that, from a distance, it looks like a giant, glistening, white wedding cake.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS If you are coming from the north, plenty of state transport buses make the 1.5 trip from Bhavnagar. Express buses to and from Ahmedabad take 4.5 hour. There are a few direct buses daily to Una (for Diu), or you can take local buses in stages to Talaja, then to Mathura and another bus on to Una. TRAIN Express trains make the trip from Ahmedabad in nine to 11 hours with a change at Sihor shortly before Palitana. Local trains between Bhavnagar and Palitana take about 1.5 hours.

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