ZANGLA AND KARSHA GOMPA This is an interesting four-day trek around Padum. The first day takes you to Thonde on the riverbank with a monastery high above it. The second day takes you from Thonde to Zangla, where the king of Zanskar has his castle. On day three you backtrack towards Thonde, cross the river and continue to Karsha, the most important gompa in Zanskar. On the final day you can cross the river directly by ferry or continue down to the wooden Tungri Bridge and double back to Padum. Tungri-Zongkhul Gompa Round Trip This four-day trip trek around Padum takes you to the Sani and Zongkhul gompas by following the route up towards the Muni La, then cutting across to the base of the Umasi La.

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