Narkanda is a popular spot for viewing the Himalaya, particularly from the 3300-metre Hattu peak. It has recently been developed as a skiing centre. From Narkanda you can make trips to Baggi and Khadrala, which are on the Hindustan to Tibet road leading to the Tibetan border. You can visit the apple-growing area around Kotgarh. Baggi and Khadrala - Due east from Narkanda there are Rest Houses in both these places, and Khadrala also has a Forest Rest House. Thanedhar - This is a centre for apple growing. There is a PWD Rest House. Rohru - This is the site for the Rohru fair which takes place during two days each April.The temple of Devta Shikri is the centre for this colourful fair. The Pabar River, which runs through Rohru is noted for its trout. Hakoti, a little before Rohru, has an interesting ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Durga.

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