Murshidabad is a quiet town on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. The main attraction is the Hazarduari, the classical-style Palace of a Thousand Doors built for the nawabs. A vast chandelier, presented by Queen Victoria, is suspended above the nawab's silver throne. There are portraits of British dignitaries, an ivory sofa, ivory palanquins and silver sedan chairs. In the armoury downstairs is a cannon used at Plassey. The Jain Parswanath Temple is at Kathgola and south of the railway station there is the Moti Jhil, or Pearl Lake, a fine place to view the sunset. It is worth taking a boat across the river to visit Siraj's tomb at Khusbagh, the Garden of Happiness. There are a number of other interesting buildings. GETTING THERE AND AWAY Murshidabad is also on the Sealdah to Lalgola line and there are several trains daily from Calcutta. For long distance buses you must go to Berhampore. Malda and English Bazaar : Malda is 349 km north of Calcutta on the route to Darjeeling. There is a small museum in Malda. English Bazaar is now a suburb of Malda. Old Malda is nearby, at the junction of the Kalindi and Mahananda Rivers. It was once an important port for the former Muslim capital of Pandua. GETTING THERE AND AWAY Situated on the main railway line, Malda is a directly connected to Calcutta and Newjalpaiguri. There are buses to Siliguri for Darjeeling, Berhampore for Murshibad and Calcutta.

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