Mt Abu has a number of important temples,particularly the superb Dilwara group of Jain temples.It has its own artificial lake. Nakki Lake: Around the lake we can find strange rock formations.The best known Toad Rock,looks like just a toad about to hop into the lake. Viewpoints: Sunset Point is the most popular point.Other popular points include Honeymoon Point,The Crags and Robert's Spur.The terrace of the Maharaja of Jaipur's former summer palace provides good view over the lake. Museum and Art Gallery:The museum has items from archaeological excavations as well as Jain bronzes,carvings,brasswork and local textiles. Adhar Devi Temple: 200 steep steps lead to this Durga temple built in a natural cleft in the rock.There are good views over Mt Abu from up here. Madhuban: This is the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University,not far from the lake.Meditation and Raja Yoga courses are held here regularly. Dilwara Temples: These Jain temples are Mt Abu's main attractions and amongst the finest examples of Jain architecture in India.The complex includes two temples in which the art of carving marble reached unsurpassed heights.The older of the temples is the Vimal Vasahi,dedicated to Adinath.



The Rajasthan Emporium is on Raj Bhavan road and there are a few shops on the road down to the lakefront. Jewellery shops have a good selection.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS From 6 am onwards, regular buses make the 27-km climb from Abu Road up to Mt Abu. The bus schedulr from Mt Abu is extensive and, to many destinations, you will find a direct bus faster and more convenient. For Ahmedabad there are many departures and the journey takes seven hours. Other destinations served include Ahmedabad, Ajmer and Jaipur. TRAIN Abu Road, the railhead for Mt Abu, is on the metre-gauge line between Delhi and Ahmedabad via Jaipur and Ajmer. There is a variety of trains, the best is the daily superfast Delhi to Ahmedabad Ashram Express. Direct trains also run from Abu Road to Ajmer, Jodhpur and Agra. For Bhuj and the rest of the Kathiawar peninsula in Gujarat, change trains at Palampur, 53 km south of Abu Road.

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