Mandu is one of the most interesting sights in central India. To the south of Mandu the land drops steeply away to the plain far below and the view is superb. Royal Enclave Buildings : Jahaz Mahal (Ship palace) : It is the most famous building in Mandu. It really is shiplike. Just south of the Jahaz Mahal is the Taveli Mahal, now the Archaeological Survey of India's Rest House. Hindola Mahal : This churchlike hall is known as the Swing Palace because the inward slope of the walls is supposed to create the impression that the walls are swaying. Champa Baoli : To the west of the Jahaz Mahal and Hindola Mahal is this interesting building on the north shore of the lake. Other Enclave Buildings: Several other buildings in the enclave include the 'house and shop' and 'Mosque of Dilwar Khan'. Village Group Buildings : Jami Masjid : This huge mosque is the finest and largest example of Afghan architecture in India. Hoshang's Tomb : Immediarely behind the mosque is the imposing marble tomb of Hoshang. Reputed to be India's oldest marble building, the tomb is entered through a domed porch. The interior is lit by stone jali screens- typical of the Hindu influence on the tomb's fine design. It has a double arch and a squat, central dome surrounded by four smaller domes.To one side of the tomb enclosure is a long, low colonnade with its width divided into three by rows of pillars.



Rewa Kund buildings : Palace of Baz Bahadur : This palace is beside the Rewa Kund and is a curious mix of Rajasthani and Moghul styles. Darya Khan's Tomb and Hathi Mahal : The Hathi Mahal or Elephant Palace is so named because the pillars supporting the dome are of massive proportions like elephant legs. Nearby is the tomb of Darya Khan. Rupmati's Pavilion : At the very edge of the fort, perched on the hillside overlooking the plains below, is the pavilion of Rupmati. From its terrace and domed pavilions Rupmati could gaze down on the Narmada River, winding across the plains far below. It is a romantic building, the perfect setting for a fairytale romance. Nil Kanth Palace : This palace, at the end of one of the ravines which cut into the fort, is actually below the level of the hilltop and is reached by a flight of steps down the hillside.



BAGH CAVES The Bagh Caves are 7 km from the village of Bagh and 3 km off the main road. Bagh is about 50 km west of Mandu, on the road between Indore and and Vadodara in Gujarat.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY There are numerous buses from Mandu to Dhar and lot of buses from there on to Indore. There are also buses to Mhow and Ujjain. The buses stop near the Jami Masjid.

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