To the north, the Kangra valley is flanked by the Dhauladhar mountain range, to the side of which Dharamsala clings. There are a number of places of interest along the valley. The Kangra school of painting developed in this valley. Baijnath - It is an important pilgrimage place due to its very old Siva Temple. There is a PWD Rest House in Baijnath. Palampur - It is a pleasant little town surrounded by tea plantations.There are some pleasant walks around the town. Kangra - There is the famous temple of Bajreshwari Devi. Kangra has a PWD Rest House. Jawalamukhi - The temple of Jawalamukhi is famous for its eternally burning flame. It is the most popular pilgrimage site in Himachal Pradesh. Chintpurni - It has an important temple. Masrur - It has 15 richly carved rock-cut temples in the Indo-Aryan style. Nurpur - It has finely carved reliefs. A Krishna Temple, also finely carved stands within the Nurpur Fort. It has a PWD rest house. Treks from Kangra Valley : From Baijnath you can make an interesting trek to Dharamsala, Chamba or Manali. The first day's trek to Bir Khas can be done by bus. At Bara Bhangal, reached on Day 6, you can choose to go east to Manali or west to Dharamsala or Chamba.

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