Junagadh is an interesting town situated at the base of the temple-studded Girnar Hill. It is also the departure point for visits to the Gir Forest. Uparkot : This very old fort, stands on the eastern side of Junagadh. The walls are 20 mtrs. high and an ornate triple gateway forms the entrance to the fort. Paths lead from one point of interest to the next. Inside the fort is the mosque, the Jami Masjid. Other points of interest include the Tomb of Nuri Shah and two fine baolis(step wells) known as the Adi Chadi and the Naughan. The Naughan is reached by a magnificent circular staircase. Cut into the hillside close to the mosque are some ancient Buddhist caves. The double-storey cave has 6 pillars with very fine carvings. There are many other caves in Junagadh. The soft rock on which Junagadh is built encouraged the construction of caves and wells. The colossal 5 mtr. long cannon, called Nilam,is another point of interest. Mahabat Maqbara : This incredible mausoleum of one of the nawabs of Junagadh with its silver doors, intricate architecture, minarets and spiralling stairways predates Disneyland. Durbar Hall and Museum : The museum has the usual display of weapons and armour from the days of the nawabs, together with their collections of silver chains and chandeliers, settees and thrones, howdahs and palanquins, and a few cushions and gowns. There is a portrait gallery of the nawabs. Ashokan Edicts : On the way to the Girnar Hill temples, you pass a huge boulder on which Emperor Ashoka inscribed 14 edicts in around 250 BC. The 14 edicts are moral lectures.



Girnar Hill : The 600 mtr. climb up 10,000 stone steps to the 1118 metre high summit of Girnar is best made early in the morning, preferably at dawn. From the summit, the views are superb. The temple-topped hill is of great significance to the Jains. The sacred tank of Damodar Kund marks the start of the climb to the temples. The path ascends through a wood to the marble temples near the summit. Five of them are Jain temples, including the largest and oldest Temple of Neminath. There is a large black image of Neminath in the central shrine and many smaller images around the temple. Nearby is the triple Temple of Mallinath. During festival, this temple is a favourite gathering place for sadhus and a great fair is held here during the Kartika Purnima festival. On the top of the peak is the Temple of Amba Mata. Other Attractions : Junagadh's zoo at Sakar Bagh, 3.5 km. from the centre of town on the Rajkot road, has Gir lions. The zoo is good with well kept lions, tigers and leopards being the main attractions. The town also has a fine local museum with paintings, manuscripts, archaeological finds and various other exhibits including a natural history section. The Ayurvedic College at Sadar Bagh on the western edge of town is housed in one of the ex-nawab's palaces, and has a small museum devoted to ayurvedic medicine. Other old buildings include the gate opposite the railway station on Dhal road, the clock tower near the GPO and the building opposite the Durbar Hall.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY AIR Keshod, 40 km from Junagadh, is the nearest airport. Vayudoot has daily flights tto and from Bombay. BUS The timetable at the state bus stand is entirely in Gujarat. Buses leave for Rajkot, Sasan Gir, Una, Bhuj, Palitana, Veraval and Ahmedabad daily at 9.45 pm. Raviraj Travels at the Hotel Vaibhav has deluxe minibuses to Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Porabndar and Jamnagar. TRAIN The Somnath Mail and Girnar Express run between Ahmedabad and Veraval via Junagadh. The Veraval-Rajkot Mail runs between Rajkot and Veraval via Junagadh.

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