Most people who come to see the Vijayanagar ruins at Hampi use Hospet as a base. It is a fairly typical Karnataka country with roads, plenty of bullock carts, bicycles and an industrial area near Tungabhadra Dam. Here you will find the firewalkers, who walk barefoot across the red-hot embers of a fire that's being going all day and night.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS The bus stand in Hospet is faily well organised with the bays marked in both English and Kannada. Ten express buses run daily between 7 am and 11.45 pm on the 358 km trip from Hospet to Bangalore. Heading towards Goa, there are three buses daily for the 3.5 hour trip to Hubli. Hyderabad is 445 km away and there is one express bus daily TRAIN Hospet railway station has a healthy sleeper quota for the express trains between Hubli and Bangalore. There is direct train between Hospet and Bangalore. Heading to or from Goa, the best train to get is the Guntakal-Vasco express which comes through Hospet and does not involve change at Hubli. From Badami and Bijapur, there is one direct train daily which does not involve a change at Gadag.

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