The Vijaynagar city ruins at Hampi are one of the most interesting sites in south India. It is set in a strange and beautiful landscape-hill country strewn with enormous, rounded boulders - with the Tunghabhadra River running along the northern edge of it. The best plan for a visit to the ruins is to start and finish in Hampi Bazaar. From here it is possible to walk to all the main sites and down to the museum at Kalampuram. The old Hampi Bazaar is now a bustling village. The town has become something of a travellers Mecca, and is a superb place to stay. There is also a good bookshop as well as a lot of soft drink stalls. The village is dominated by the Virupaksha Temple with its 52-mtr-high gopuram. From the far end of the bazaar an obvious track leads left to the highlight of the ruins, the Vittala Temple, some 2 km away. This temple is a World Heritage Monument. The incredible sculptural work of the Vittala Temple is of the highest standard and is the pinnacle of Vijaynagar art. The outer pillars are known as the musical pillars. The stone chariot or cart in front of the temple is one of the most photographed objects in this part of India. The Achyutaraya Temple is more atmospheric and the carvings are just as fine. From the Achyutaraya Temple to the other major area of Hampi-the Royal Enclosure, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables, and associated temple is quite a walk (about 2 km). The Lotus Mahal is a delicately designed pavilion in a walled compound known as the Janana enclosure. The building gets its name from the lotus bud carved in the centre of the dome and vaulted ceiling. The Elephant Stables consists of a grand building with 11 domed chambers for housing the state elephants.



Further south are the Royal Enclosure with its various temples, the Underground Temple and the Queen's Bath. The Museum at Kamalapuram has some very fine sculptures and coins and is worth a visit



GETTING THERE AND AWAY There are two main points of entry to the ruins, Hampi Bazaar and Kamalapuram, and buses run frequently throughout the day to these two places from Hospet.

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