Just a few hours from Agra by train or road, Gwalior is famous for its old and very large fort. Within the fort walls are several interesting temples and palaces. Fort : Rising 100 mtrs. about the town, the fort hill is about 3 km. in length. The walls, which encircle almost the entire hilltop, are 10 metres high and imposingly solid. On a clear day the view from the fort walls is superb - over old Gwalior at the north-eastern end and far across the plains. You can approach the fort from the south or the north-east. The north-eastern path starts from the Archaeological Museum and follows a wide, winding slope to the doors of the Man Singh Palace. The southern entrance is a long, gradual ascent by road, passing cliff-face Jain sculptures. Southern Entrance : The long ascent on the southern side climbs up through a ravine to the fort gate. Along the rock faces flanking this road are many Jain sculptures. Teli Ka Mandir : Beyond the Suraj Kund tank, this temple has a peculiar plan and design.The roof is Dravidian while the decorations are Indo-Aryan. A Garuda tops the 10 metre high doorway. This is the highest structure in the fort. Between the Teli Ka Mandir and the Sasbahu temples is a modern Sikh gurdwara. Sasbahu Temples : The 'mother-in-law' and 'daughter-in-law' temples stand close to the eastern wall about midway along that side of the fort. The two temples are similar in style. The larger temple has an ornately carved base and figures of Vishnu over the entrances.



Man Singh Palace : The palace, a delightfully whilsical building, is also known as the Chit Mandir or Painted Palace because of the tiled and painted decorations of ducks, elephants and peacocks. Painted blue, with hints of green and gold, it still looks very good today.The east face of the palace, with its 6 towers topped by domed cupolas, stands over the fort entrance path. Other palaces : There are other palaces clustered within the fort walls at the northern end. The Karan Palace, or Kirti Mandir, is a long, narrow two- storey palace on the western side of the fort. At the northern end are the Jehangir and Shah Jahan palaces with a very large and deep tank, the Jauhar Kund. North-East Entrance : There is a whole series of gates as you descend the steps of the path to the archaeological museum. The fifth gate, the Hathiya Paur, or Elephant Gate, forms the entrance to the palace. Descending, you pass a Vishnu shrine known as Chatarbhujmandir, Shrine of the Four-Armed. The interesting fourth gate is named after the elephant-headed god, Ganesh. There is a small pigeon house or Kabutar Khana here. There is also a small 4-pillared Hindu temple. The third gate is known as the Badalgarh. The 1st gate is known as the Alamgiri Gate. Archaeological Museum : The museum is within the Gujri Mahal Palace. There is a large collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures and copies of the Bagh Caves' frescoes.



Jai Vilas Palace : Although the current maharaja still lives in the palace, a large part of it is now a museum. Old town : The old town of Gwalior lies to the north and north-east of the fort hill. The 1661 Jami Masjid is a fine old building, constructed of sandstone. On the eastern side of town is the fine Tomb of Mohammed Gaus, a Muslim Saint. It has hexagonal towers at its 4 corners, and a dome. It is a very good example of early Moghul architecture. Close to the large tomb is the smaller Tomb of Tansen.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY AIR Indian Airlines has a daily flight from Delhi through Gwalior to Bhopal, Indore and Bombay and vice versa. BUS From the government bus stand there are regular services to Agra, Jhansi, Shivpuri and Ujjain, Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur. There are also departures from the private bus stand in Lashkar. TRAIN Gwalior is on the main Delhi to Bombay rail line with connections to most places. The superfast Shatabdi Express links Gwalior with Delhi, Agra, Jhansi and Bhopal. On other express trains it is five hours to Delhi, two hours to Agra, 12 hours to Indore and 24 hours to Bombay.

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