Gandhidham is a new town near Kandala. Kutch Villages : The villages of the Kutch region each specialise in a different form of handicraft, be it embroidery, tie-dye, block printing or weaving. It is a fascinating area to explore, and it would be easy to spend a week visiting some of these villages, using Bhuj as a base. Some of the more important villages, and the craft they specialise in are: Bhujjodi, wool and cotton weaving; block printing; Lilpur, tie-dye; Anjar, nut-cutters and Ahir embroidery. Anjar also has an old Deputy Collector's bungalow. The interior walls of the bugalow are decorated with interesting Kamagar paintings. Dholavira is a small village on a small 'island' north-east of Bhuj. Here archaeologists have unearthed a city belonging to the Harappan civilisation. An interesting two day trip would involve catching a bus from Bhuj to Lilpur, with an overnight stop in the Gandhi Ashram. Mandvi : It is a beach resort and is about 60 km. south-west of Bhuj, and there are regular bus connections between the two places.

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