The hill station of Dharamshala is actually split into two totally separate parts.As in other hill stations there is a wide variety of short and long walks but Dharamshala has the additional attraction of its strong Tibetan influence.It was here that The Dalai Lama and its followers fled after the Chinese invasion of Tibetan. The Dalai Lama is the recipient of the 1989 Noble Peace Prize. Meditation Courses: His holiness The Dalai Lama gives teachings every year in March, and this is obviously a popular time to be in the Dharamshala. The Tushita Retreat Centre has facilities for the retreat,and also has Buddhism courses.Course fees are Rs.60 per day,plus RS.60 for meals. Live-in accommodation is available for Rs.25 in a dorm,or Rs.45/70 with common bathroom and Rs.65/80 with attached bathroom. Medical Services- The Tibetan Medical Centre, just across from the Koko Nor Hotel, will be of interest to followers of alternative medicine. Church of St John - It is only a short distance below McLeod Ganj and has beautiful stained-glass windows. Kangra Art Museum - It houses miniature paintings from the famous Kangra school of art. The rock wall of Dhauladhar rises behind McLeod Ganj. Near Bhagsu there is an old temple,a spring,slate quarries and a small waterfall.It is a popular picnic spot.Dharamkot is also a popular picnic spot, where you will also enjoy a very fine view.

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