Chandigarh is on the edge of the Siwalik Hills, the outermost edge of the Himalaya. Government Buildings : The Secretariat and the Vidhan Sabha buildings are in Sector 1. Between 10.00 a.m. and noon you can go to the top of the Secretariat, from where there is an excellent view over Chandigarh. The huge open hand here is a symbol of unity, and is supposed to be the centrepiece of the government sector. Rock Garden : Close to the government buildings is the Rock Garden, a sort of concrete maze with a lot of rocks and very little garden. This strange and whimsical fantasy has grown and grown over the years and is now very extensive. Close by is the artificial Sukhna Lake. Museum and Art Gallery : The art gallery in Sector 10 contains a modest collection of Indian stone sculptures and some miniature paintings and modern art. The adjacent museum has fossils and implements of prehistoric humans found in India. Rose Garden : The rose garden in Sector 16 is claimed to be the biggest in Asia and contains more than a 1000 varieties of roses.



Woollen sweaters and shawls from the Punjab are good buys, especially in the Government Emporium. The Sector 17 shopping centre is probably the most extensive in India.



AIR The Indian Airlines office is in the Sector 17 shopping centre. Vayudoot has no office in town so you will have to make the trek out to the airport to make a booking. There are Indian Airlines flights between Delhi and Chandigarh 4 times a week, and the flight continues to Jammu and Srinagar. Twice a week there are flights to Leh. Vayudoot has daily flights to Delhi and Kulu. There are also Vayudoot flights from Shimla and Dharamsala.

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