Chamba has a grassy promenade known as the chaugan. Each year it is the site for the Minjar festival in August, with a colourful procession.An image of Lord Raghuvira leads the procession and other gods and goddesses follow in palanquins. TEMPLES The Chamundra Temple on top of a hill gives an excellent view of Chamba with its slate-roof houses, the River Ravi and the surrounding countryside. There is the temple complex of Lakshmi Narayan which contains six temples. There is the Hariraya Temple, dedicated to Vishnu and is in the Sikhara style of architecture. BHURI SINGH MUSEUM Chamba also has the Bhuri Singh Museum, which has an interesting collection relating to the art and culture of this region - particularly the miniature paintings of the Basohli and Kangra schools.



Taxis and jeeps can be hired in Dalhousie. The local bus takes 2 hours, or you can walk there in two days, resting overnight in Khajiar. Buses from Pathankot take 5 hours and leave every 2 hours. From Chamba trekkers can make an interesting trek through Brahmaur and Triund to Dharamsala. Or via Tisa you can trek all the way into Lahaul or Kashmir.

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