Bikaner is a desert town in the north of the state. The old city is surrounded by a high crenellated wall. The city is chiefly interesting for its superb large fort, but it is also known for the fine camels bred here. There is a government camel breeding farm near the city. Junagarh Fort : It was constructed by Raja Rai Singh between 1588 and 1593. It has a 986 mtr. long wall with 37 bastions and two entrances. The Suraj Pol, or Sun Gate, is the main entrance to the fort. The palaces within the fort are at the southern side and make a picturesque ensemble of towers, courtyards, balconies, kiosks and windows. A major feature of this fort and its palaces is the superb quality of the stone carving and is the best in the world. Among the places of interest are the Chandra Mahal, or Moon Palace, with paintings, mirrors and carved marble panels. The Phool Mahal, or Flower Palace, is also decorated with glass and mirrors. Other palaces include the Rang Mahal, Bijai Mahal and Anup Mahal. The contents include the Rajput weapon collection. The Durga Niwas is a beautifully painted courtyard while the Ganga Niwas, another large courtyard, has a finely carved red sandstone front. Har Mandir is the royal temple dedicated to Lord Siva. Lalgarh Palace : It is about 3 km. north of the city and is also known as the Red Fort. The Bikaner royal family still lives in part of the palace, which is made of red sandstone and has beautiful latticework. The rest of the palace has been turned into a luxury hotel, and a museum known as the Shri Sadul Museum. The museum, covering the entire 1st floor of the palace, houses an incredible array of photos.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS The bus station is three km north of the city centre, right opposite the Lalgarh Palace. There is a sealed national highway to Jaipur and to Jaisalmer. There are state transport buses daily. These buses go via the Shekhawati town of Fatehpur. Other places served by bus from Bikaner include Agra, Delhi, Ajmer and Udaipur. TRAIN Day and night trains take about 12 hours to make the 463 km trip from Delhi to Bikaner. There are also trains to Jodhpur and Jaipur.

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