Bhavnagar is an important trading post for the cotton goods manufactured in Gujarat. It has a beautiful old bazaar area with overhanging wooden balconies and thousands of little shops. Takhteshwar Temple : This temple sits on the highest hillock in Bhavnagar. The views over the city and out into the Gulf of Cambay are excellent. GETTING THERE AND AWAY AIR : The Indian Airlines office is on Diwanpara Road. Indian Airlines flies daily between Bombay and Bhavnagar. BUS : State transport buses connect Bhavnagar with Ahmedabad and other centres in the region. For Una and (Diu) there are morning departures. To Palitana there are frequent departures throughout the day. The main private bus company is Punjab Travels, Parag Travel Agency, Waghawadi Rd, near the Takhteshwar Temple. It operates buses to Ahmedabad at 6.30 am daily. TRAIN : Bhavnagar is 268 km by rail from Ahmedabad. To Palitana there are a couple of steam trains daily. AROUND BHAVNAGAR Valabhipur : It is to the north of Palitana. Extensive ruins have been located and archaeological finds are exhibited in a museum.

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