Belgaum is in the north-west corner of the state Karnataka. There is an old town area, a more modern cantonment, and Sunset Point on the old racetrack road which offers fine views. Fort : The old oval-shaped stone fort is near the bus station of Belgaum. Outside the fort gate to the left is the local cattle market, which is colourful and aromatic. Mosques, Temples and Other Buildings : The Masjid-Sata mosque dates from 1519. There are also two interesting Jain temples, one with an intricate roof, while the other has some fine carvings of musicians. Belgaum's watchtower gives a nice panorama of the countryside. Gokal Falls : A little north of Belgaum, 8 km of the railway line from Gokak road, are Gokak Falls where the Ghataprabha River takes a 52-mtr drop.

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