Badami is famous for its rock-cut temples. There are five caves, four of them are artificial and one is natural,all connected by flights of steps. Of the rock-cut temples, two are dedicated to Vishnu, one to Siva and the fourth is a Jain temple. The natural cave is a Buddhist temple. There are excellent views over the town and surrounding plains from the caves. All over the sides and top of the hills, which enclose the tank on three sides, are temples, fortifications, carvings and inscriptions. Some of the most beautiful monuments are the two groups of lakeside temples (known as the Bhutanatha temples). The Archaeological Museum, on the north side of the tank, is also well worth a visit. Between the second and third cave is a stone staircase.



GETTING THERE AND AWAY BUS There are daily buses to Bagalkot, Hospet, Hubli, Bangalore, Kolhapur and Gadag. TRAIN All the train passing through Badami station are passenger trains. There are daily trains from Badami to Bijapur. Heading south, there are passenger trains to the railway junction of Gadag, Guntakal or Hubli. For Hospet and the Vijaynagar ruins at Humpi, there is one passenger train via Gadag.

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