The city of Allahabad is 135 km. west of Varanasi at the confluence of two of India's most important rivers - the Ganges and the Yamuna. This meeting point of the rivers is called Sangam. Sangam : At this point the shallow, Ganges meets the deeper Yamuna.The most propitious time of all happens only every 12 years when the massive Kumbh Mela takes place. Sunrise and sunset can be spectacular here. Fort : The Fort, which was built by Akbar stands at the confluence on the Yamuna side. It has massive walls and pillars and 3 magnificent gateways flanked by high towers. It is made from huge bricks and is at its most impressive when viewed from the river. Patalpuri Temple and Undying Tree : A small door in the east wall of the fort near the river leads to the one area in the fort you can go without permission- the underground Patalpuri Temple and the 'Undying Banyan Tree'. Hanuman Temple : This popular temple is open to non-Hindus. Anand Bhavan : This shrine to the Nehru family is the best kept museum in the country. In the well-manicured gardens is a planetarium, built in 1979. Khusru Bagh : This peaceful garden, close to the railway station contains the tomb of Prince Khusru, son of Jehangir. All Saints Cathedral : The polished brass memorial plaques inside the Cathedral make interesting reading. Allahabad Museum : Set in a peaceful park, this large museum has galleries devoted to local archaeological finds and natural history. Other Attractions : The Nag Basuki Temple is mentioned in the puranas and is in the banks of the Ganges, north of the railway bridge.

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