Adventure Odyssey


Adventure OdysseyThe perfect destination for vacationers in quest of enchantment, tranquillity or adventure. A Jewel embedded in snow clad mountains, Sikkim is a primeval land that is unlike anywhere else. Where one dreamy day blends into the next. Bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and West Bengal, Sikkim's rugged and dramatic terrain has elevation variations ranging from 284 mts. to 8540 mts. This land of mystery and myths casts an enchanted spell that holds a visitor in thrall. A land so rich in culture, tradition and steeped in religion.

You can wander up lush green mountain trails, in the very footsteps of those early travellers. Marvel at the stupas, monasteries and temples. Acquaint yourself with a culture that is at once uncommon and fascinating. With its endless intriguing rituals and festivals and festivities. Sikkim offers you a holiday that is more than a dream - a voyage of adventure and discovery. Discover Sikkim.

Scaling new heights :
To the adventure lovers, trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many dimensions. For sheer exhilaration, nothing can match the view of the mountains which seems to reach the heavens. When misty rain wraps the slopes in lacy wisps of clouds, you will find yourself trekking at 14,000 ft. or more. Indeed a unique experience.

Experience enroute And as you trek up the blue-green mountains, revel in the excitement of being part of a unique culture, a rich tapestry woven with legends, myths, rituals and festivals. The whole vast landscape studded with ancient stupas and monasteries. The tranquil sombre monastic life and the pageantry pomp and splendour of the festivals stand in dramatic contrast with your recollections of the modern world you've left far behind. The trekker can spend an evening sipping Chhang, a local drink of fermented millet. Listen to folklore and myths of the sacred mountain Khangchendzonga as told to you by villagers. Feel the weariness of the day's trek slip away as you fall asleep under the Sikkimese night sky.

A rapport with nature :
As the adventure winds his way up a mountain trek, he establishes an easy rapport with nature. Make a little detour en-route, chasing a butterfly, sing alongwith a thrush as he gayly serenades you on the way. Trekkers in Sikkim are spell-bound by the profusion of plants and flowers. A variety of over 4,000 species of plants magnolias, rhododendrons, junipers, blue poppies, gentians, primulas makes a pretty posy of memories of your trekking holiday, into this botanical odyssey.

One of the unique features of the Sikkim Himalayas is the splendour of numerous mountain lake flowers in a riot of colours beyond 10000 ft. - a feast to the eye of the trekker. Tranquillity all the way! You may chance upon the shy musk deer on one of your treks, or wave out to the exotic Red Panda perched among the tree-tops. Sikkim's forests abound in all kinds of fauna-the barking deer, the Himalayan black bear, the blue sheep and the snow leopard. By the time you cover the last lap of your trek, you will be familiar with the hospitality of the Sikkimese, the deep rootedness of their religion and culture, and will be able to discern the difference between a 'Lepcha', a 'Bhutia' and a 'Nepali', interwined in a unique blend.

Trek Itinerary :
The following itineraries have been drawn up with Yuksam as base. You can also draw up your own detailed trek itinerary with the help of Sikkim Tourism, Adventure Division, Gangtok or any recognised Travel Agent in Sikkim. Trekkers huts along trek routes are at Pemayangtse, Khechopalri, Yuksam, Tsokha, Dzongri, Thangshing, Zemathang, Chaurigang, Tashiding, Varsey, Yangang, Rabongla, Sang and Sikip.

Monastic Trek :
March - May/Oct - Dec
Pemayangtse - Sangacholing - Khacheopalri - Dubdi - Sinon - Tashiding - Ralang
Rhododendron Trek
March - May
Naya Bazar - Hilley/Soreng - Varsey - Dentam - Pemayangtse

Khangchendzonga Trek :
Mid March - Mid June/Oct - Dec
Yuksam - Bakhim - Tsokha - Dzongri - Thangshing/Bikbari - Zemathang/Chaurigang - Goechala/Rathong Glacier and back.

Coronation Trek :
Oct - Dec
Ruktek - Sang - Yangang - Rabongla - Tashiding - Yuksam

Trekking Information :
The treks will not be exceptionally difficult though one must be in good physical shape before taking the journey, since the altitude varies from 6000 ft. to around 14000ft. Some trekking experience is required and a good guide familiar with the topography will be advisable.

Medical :
Most of the camp points have primary Health Centres but it is advisable to have personal medical kits.

Equipment :

Light weight trekking shoes, two/three pairs of woollen socks, woollen shirts, thick trousers, pullovers, windproof jacket, cap, anti-sunburn cream, sleeping bags. Rucksacks, sleeping bags, tents, jackets can be hired from the Tourism Department at very nominal costs. Please strictly observe mountain laws and do not litter. Heavy penalty shall be imposed. Keep the environment clean. Please camp on identified camp sites only.

White Water Action :
Get ready to rip! The Teesta and Rangeet rivers sparkle and beckon. And with enough rapids to thrill river aficionados. See some white water action with every bend of the river revealing new panoramas - gorges with vegetation covered vertical walls soaring from the swift waters; luxuriant waterfalls and tranquil lakes. This however, is seasonal.

River Rafting Information :

Sikkim Tourism organises package programmes during Oct - Nov and can prepare special itinerary for those interested. Permission is required from Sikkim Tourism for conducting rafting trips by private parties. Contact the Adventure Division, Sikkim Tourism or any recognised travel agents for further information.

Teesta Experience :
Makha - Sirwani - Bardang - Rongpo
Rangeet Experience
Sikip - Jorethang - Majitar - Melli

Kayaking :
Kayaking is undertaken on the Teesta and is arranged for special groups. Some experience in Kayaking is required. Kayaks are available with Sikkim Tourism.

Yak Safari :
Yak Safari is organised from Dzongri onwards by Sikkim Tourism or recognised Sikkim Travel agencies on prior booking. A unique experience.

Mountain Biking :
This sport is being promoted in most parts of North Sikkim and West Sikkim. For further details contact Sikkim Tourism.

Hang Gliding :
The Department is shortly introducing hang gliding in Yumthang in North Sikkim and Jorethang in West Sikkim. For further details contact Sikkim Tourism.

Entry Formalities :

(A) Trekking permits are issued to Foreign Tourists consisting of a group of 4 or more provided they are sponsored by recognised travel agents.

B) Follow the formal entry routes into Sikkim as prescribed in the Inner Line Permit.

(C) Foreigners may now visit Lachung and Yumthang valley in North Sikkim for 5 days and Tsangu in East Sikkim for one day, subject to obtaining protected area permits from Secretary Tourism, Govt. of Sikkim or Home Secretary, Govt. of Sikkim, Gangtok. Permits may be obtained in advance or on arrival at Gangtok through recognised Travel Agents of Sikkim.

Application for permits to visit Sikkim should be in the prescribed forms specifically mentioning the purpose of the visits. i.e. Tourism or Trekking, Sikkim Tourism offices would be pleased to assist you.

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