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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Italian Genius

Italian Genius Alceo Dossena was so good at forging sculptures that some experts thought his works were better that the originals. In the 1920's, Dossena fakes were to be found in most of the great museums of the world - although curators did not know their prized possessions were clever forgeries. Some of Dossena's works have been discovered and exposed but it is very likely that many of this sculptures are still believed to be genuine.

Troop Movements

Troop Movements During the Second World War, the German's kept a close watch on troop movements in the British Isle. They need not have bothered - many of the movements were faked by using dummies as troops.

The Wakefield Noctifier

The Wakefield Noctifier Have you ever seen a noctifier? This strange-looking bird is part bittern and part eagle owl. The only known specimen of this extraordinarily rare species is in the City Museum of Wakefield, Yarkshire. It is, of course, a fake.

Football Fakers

Football Fakers Christian Morin, president of Rouen Foot ball club in France, was overjoyed. The great Brazilian club, Santos, had offered to play Rouen for a very small fee. To play such a prestigious team would be a tremendous boost for the Rouen club. On the day of the match, in September, 1974, 2000 fans packed the stadium. They knew Rouen did not stand a chance but they wanted to see the great Brazilians in action. When Rouen scored the first goal the crowd put it down to luck and the fact that Rouen was more used to playing in a muddy field that were Santos. But at the end of the match the score was 10-0, to Rouen. It was obvious that Christian Marin had been the victim of an expensive practical joke. Not only didi Rouen win 10-0, but it was suddenly realized that the Brazilians had been talking French not Portuguese. They turned out to be a team of hoaxes from Belgium. They disappeared, taking their fee with them.

Sounds Fishy!

Sounds Fishy! Man Eating Fish' said the sign outside a sideshow at a garden fete. To see such a fearsome monster was a chance in a lifetime and people willingly paid the modest entry fee. But inside, they did not find the denizen of the deep they had expected. All they saw was a man eating a plate of cod and chips!

Get Your Hat Cut

Get Your Hat Cut In 1980, the British newspaper, the Daily Express puyblished a feature on how Guardsmen have to have their famous busby hats cut. The report said that the fur on the hats continues to grow and has to be cut from time to time. There was even a photograph showing a Guardsman at the busby-barber's shop. thousands of readers believed the story to be true but it proved to be hoax.

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