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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Sorting the Post

Sorting the Post In 1977, Tom Jackson, General Secretary of the British Union of Post Office Workers voiced his protests on a radio programme against the proposal that Britian adopt the German system of addressing envelopes. In this method the house number is written after, not before, the name of the road. Mr Jackson was furious at the idea, for it would, he said, 'alter a great deal of the way we work in the Post Office. Postal workers would be furious because it would turn upside-down the way we have learned to sort.' As a result of the broadcast, several people telephoned the BBC to support Mr Jackson in his fight. They were politely reminded of the date-it was 1 April.

Non-existent Houses

Non-existent Houses In London there are two houses that do not exist. They have been hoaxing people for almost 120 years. Numbers 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens in London's Bayswater look just like two 19th-century terraced house from the front- but they are fakes. Built in 1868, they consist simply of a frontage and were designed to conceal the presence of an underground railway line which runs beneath the street.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye Lama Lobsang Rampa wrote a number of successful books about his life in a Tibetan monastery. In the books, he told of a miraculous 'third eye' which he possessed that gave him a unique spiritual insight. But Lama Labsang Rampa never existed, neither did the monastery. The books were created by Cyril Henry Hoskins who made a lot of money from them.

Men on the Moon

Men on the Moon Men on the Moon! We now know that there is no life on the Moon but years ago, many people believed that it could be inhabited. In 1835, an American newspaper reported that the astronomer, Sir John Herschel, had discovered life on the Moon. The paper said that "Sir John was in South Africa testing a powerful new telescope. With this remarkable device he was able to see trees, vegetables, vegetation, oceans, beaches, bisons, goats and pelicans on the lunar surface. It was lated stated that the astronomer has seen people on the Moon. They lived in caves and had long wings attached to their shoulders. The stories convinced so many people that the Journal of Commerce asked for permission to reproduce the articles in a scientific pamphlet, and it was then that the hoax was revealed. Both the writer, Richard Adams Locke, and the newspaper, the New York sun, admitted the stories were a hoax. It would certainly have had to have been quite a remarkable telescope to reveal all that!

Coins in Concrete

Coins in Concrete In 1970 some men once offered a jeweller in Manchester, England, 5000 gold sovereigns, all encased in cement. The jeweller broke open a few lumps of concrete, which all contained gold coins. Satisfied with this proof, he paid a 5000 deposite for the 2000 pieces of concrete he had been given and the men went off to get the remaining 3000. When the men did not return, the jeweller began to get worried and he broke open a few more pieces of concrete. Not one of them contained a coin and he realized he had been conned.

How Shocking!

How Shocking! The popular silent-film actor, Douglas Fairbanks, loved practical jokes. In his house he had a chair that could give the sitter a small electric shock - not enough to hurt, but sufficient to cause a mild tingle. He loved to see his friends jump out of the chair but on one occasion it appeared not to work. A young lady had sat in the chair but had not reacted to the electricity. Fairbanks asked her if she had felt anything. 'Yes, Mr Fairbanks' she said, 'but I thought everyone would feel like that when meeting a famous film star like you.'

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