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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

What a Cat-astrophe

What a Cat-astrophe Sometimes a hoax can rebound on the hoaxer. This happened to the famous author, Mark Twain. He advertised in a newspaper that he had lost his cat which was 'so black their it could not be seen by ordinary light'. Almost 1000 people called at his house claiming that they had found his invisible cat.

Heavyweight Actor

Heavyweight Actor In one scene in the film The Godfather, the Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, is injured and has to be carried away on a stretcher. When this scene was being filmed, the actors found they could hardly lift the stretcher. It had suddenly become extremely heavy. Marlon Brando had secretly loaded it with several very heavy weights.

Cut-price Con

Cut-price Con The man who went into the tobacconist said he was a detective and showed his identity card to prove it. He then showed the shopkeeper a photograph of a man who was in the area selling cigarettes at less than half price and who was wanted for questioning. The shopkeeper did not recpgnoize the person in the photograph but, a few minutes later, while the plain-clothes detective was still in the shop, the wanted man came in. As expected, he offered to sell the shopkeeper some cigarettes at a bargain price. From the far side of the shop the detective indicated to the shopkeeper that he should buy the cigarettes. As soon as the transaction was completed the detective came over and arrested the man. He confiscated the 100 the shopkeeper had handed over for the cigrettes and also took the cigarettes as evidence. The shopkeeper did not see the detective, the wanted man, or his money again.

Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold A gang fooled people into buying fake gold bars in 1978. In one case, a London restaurant owner was offered 804 bars for 50 000. To make sure the gold was genuine the buyer tested a few bars and they appeared to be all right. It was only when the deal had been completed and the men had gone that he decided to check some more of the bars. They turned out to be made of brass, thinly covered with gold.

Horse Laugh

Horse Laugh The Cambridge University Veterinary Society has an unusual mascot - the skeleton of a centaur. Centaurs, half man and half hores, were believed by the ancients to live in the hills of Greece. The centaur of Cambridge in England is much smaller than the creatures of Greek myth for it is only 60 centimetres (2 feet) long and 60 centimetres high. It is, of course, a fake. It was made from the skeletons of a dog and a monkey.

The Great Barnum

The Great Barnum Before Phineas Taylor Barnum became a great showman, he worked in a store where everything he sold was a fake. 'Everything in that store,' said Barnum,' was different from what it represented.'

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