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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!


Delicious The actor, Oliver Reed, was staying in an american hotel that had a large goldfish tank in its reception area. He secretly obtained a carrot and cut it into the shape of a goldfish. When all attention was on him he walked to the fish tank, put his hand in, brought out the carrot and ate it. It was an old theatrical gag but the management did not appreciate the joke. They ordered the actor to leave the hotel.

The Politician who Vanished

The Politician who Vanished On a miserable November day in 1973, John stonehouse, a British Member of Parliament, disappeared. A pile of his clothes was found on Miami beach, USA, and it was thought that he had drowned whle swimming. This was exactly what stonehouse had planned. But he had not drowned at all. He had made his way to Australia where he hoped to start a new life. He had already set himself up with two false indentities in Australia: Joseph Markham and donald Mildoon. Shortly after stonehouse arrived in Australia, the police began watching him closely. Eventually they realized that he was the missing British politican. They arrested him and he was extradited to Britian in 1975. On 6 august, 1976, stonehouse was found guilty of theft, forgery and fraud and was given a seven-year prison sentence.

Shakespeare's Lost Play

Shakespeare's Lost Play Samuel Ireland was an 18th-century Englishman who did not think much of his 17-year-old son, William. He considered him to be talentless and fit for nothing. Knowing what his father's views were, William was determined to prove himself of him. Samuel collected rare books and manuscripts and William decided that the best way to impress him would be to provide him with something for his collection. As Samuel was particularly obsessed by Shakespeare, the young boy decided to forge a letter from Queen Elizabeth I to be the playwright. This succeeded in fooling his father completely and William set about making some further 'finds'. The second forgery was of a lease with William Shakespeare's signature. Samuel Ireland was of course overjoyed when he saw it. William produced a steady supply of Shakespearian items. He told his father that he had found them in an old chest belonging to a gentleman for whom he had done some work. The old man had given William permission to take what he liked from the chest. William's father believed every word. The ultimate forgery was to be a complete play by Shakespeare. Titled Vortigern and Rowena, it took young william just two months to think of the plot and write it all out. Vortigern and Rowena was actually performed on the London stage on 2 April, 1796. It was as complete flop and William eventually admitted that it was a forgery. His father, however, refused to believe him and remained convinced that al the finds had been absolutely genuine.

Hogging Attention

Hogging Attention People in England flocked to fairs in the 19th century to see some of the amazing things on displays. A famous exhibit was the pig-faced lady. To the gullible people of the time she appeared genuine enough. But the pig-faced lady was in reality a bear, with its face and paws shaved, dressed in women's clothing.

The Stones that Lied

The Stones that Lied Dr Johann Bartholomew Adam Beringer was an 18th-century German scientist who had a deep interest in fossils. When his staff began finding a great number of marvellously formed fossils on Mount Eivelstadt, near Wurzburg, Beringer was overjoyed. In 1726, a year after the first discovery, he wrote a book describing the finds and putting forward his theories as to how they were formed. Unfortunately, Beringer had fallen victim to a cruel hoax perpetrated by some other scientisits who did not like him. The stones, later known as 'lying stones', had been handmade and then buried on the hillside. The hoax ruined Beringerm as had been intended, but when the plot was revealed the scientists were justly punished and remained in disgrace for the rest of their lives.

Fire Water

Fire Water Actress, Joan Sims, thought the scene she was about to film was quite straighforward. But she had reckoned without the jokes of her co-star, Kenneth Williams. During the scene, she had to drink a glass of water. She has a few choice words to say to Kenneth Williams when they came off the set. He had filled the glass with Vodka!

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