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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

The Man who did not Exist

The Man who did not Exist According to an entry in the American edition of the biographical directory, Who's Who, Aris Rutherford was a whisky constultnat. He was born in a whisky distillery, became an expert on the subject and even drank whisky as a hobby. But there was really no such person as Aris Rutherford. The entry cambe about when the compilers of Who's Who wrote to Rutherford Aris, a wellknown chemical engineer, asking him to correct the details about himself for their next edition. They addressed their enquiry, by mistake, to Aris Rutherford. When he received the letter Professor Aris decided to fill in the details in a humorous fashion. Much to his suprise., the entry was printed exactly as he had written it - even though there was no such person as Aris Rutherford!

Bonaparte's Baton

Bonaparte's Baton The famous French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, once presented one of his marshals with a beautiful baton at a parade. The marshal was extremely proud to receive such a gift from his emperor. But his pride turned to surprise when the baton began to bend! The baton was made of wax. Napoleon was making fun of the marshal, whom he considered to be much too pompous.

Caught on the Hop

Caught on the Hop Callers jammed the switchboard of a local British radio station, Radio Trent, after England cricket player, Derek Randall, had applealed for help in capturing a baby kangaroo. He said it had been a present from a cricket club in Perth. The story was a hoax.

Hole in the Road

Hole in the Road A group of road menders were repairing a street in Manhattan, USA. An official from their head office appeared on the scene and told them to go to another site, a short distance away, and dig a hole. When the hole was a good size, the official returned to his office. It was only then, when the traffic was in chaos all around them, that the workmen realized they had been hoaxed. The' man from head office' turned out to be Hugh Troy, the famous practical joker.

The Man Who Never Was

The Man Who Never Was In 1943, during the Second world War, the body of Major William Martin was discovered off a Spanish beach. He was buried with full milirtary honours at Huelva in the south-west of Spain. Documents he had been carryong were returned to London where they were carefully examined. It was obvious that they had been tampered with and that was exactly what the British had hoped would happen, for Major Martin was a hoax designed to fool the Germans. Major Martin did not exist. They body was that of a man who had died of pneumonia, a death that would appear to be by drawing if the body was recovered from the sea. With the permission of the man's parents, the body had been put into the sea near Spain in the hope that the Germans would find it and read the fake papers he carried. The papers stated that the Allies would attack Sardinia, when in fact they intended to attack Sicily. The hoax was successful. When the Allies launched their offensive on Sicily, most of the heavy German equipment had been moved to defend the island of Sardinia.

Who's Zoo

Who's Zoo Zoos around the British Isles dread April Fool's Day. On that day each year they are certain to receive calls from Mr L E Phant, Mr C Lyon, Mrs G Raffe and Mr Albert Ross.

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