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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Silent Speech

Silent Speech Film pioneer, Jesse Lasky, was very proud of his ability to deliver a good speech at a moments notice. One day, he accepted an invitation from cinema owner, Sod Grauman, to talk to a group of film distributors about the state of the industry. When he walked on to the floodlit stage, he was rather disappointed at the lack of applause. He started with a witty introduction designed to make the audience laugh, but they made no sound to show their appreciation. Undeterred, Lasky continued with his hour-long speech but it was hard going for he received absolutely no reaction from the audience. At the end of the speech there was no applause. Then the lights went up and Lasky discovered that the whole audience consisted of wax dummies!

Haggis Hoax

Haggis Hoax In 1973, Listeners to the British Radio Four programme, Sunday, were intrigued by a report form broadcaster, Ted Harrison. He was at a Scottish monastery which was famous for the production of Scotland's national delicacy, the haggis. These monks apparently made the dish from an ancient and very secret recipe. It was of course, a hoax.

Laugh in Leeds

Laugh in Leeds Many listeners to Radio Leeds in England were furious when they heard that their city square was to be demolished and that the statue of the Black Prince was to be sold. Some were consoled, however, by the news that local citizens would be able to buy cheap petrol from Arab sources in return for the statues. Whatever their views, listeners realized hos gullible they were when they discovered the story to be an April Fool joke.

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief! A policeman was walking through Central Park in New York when he saw a man running off with one of the park benches. He caught him and arrested him but the man then produced a receipt for the bench. It belonged to him! The man was arch joker, Hugh Tray, and he had bought the bench a short while earlier with the sole intention of hoaxing a policeman.

UFO Photo

UFO Photo In 1962, an English schoolboy called Alex Birch amazed the scientific world with a photograph of a UFO (unidentified flying object). It was accepted as geniune and published all over the world. Birch became a celebrity and was interviewed several times on television and on radio. He was even quizzed for three hours by government experts in Whitehall. Ten years later, Birch admitted that the photograph was a fake. It was a hoax that had got out of hand. He had taken the picture as joke for his school magazine, but things had happened so fast that he couldn't admit the truth.

Making an Ass of the Art World

Making an Ass of the Art World Paintings by Raphael Baronali were greeted by the art world as masterpieces when they first appeared in Paris in 1977. The paintings turned out to have been 'painted' by a donkey with a paintbrush attached to its tail!

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