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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

The Two-wheel Car

The Two-wheel Car It sounded like a major breakthrough in car production - a two-wheeled car that combined the five-seat comfort of a saloon car with the speed and fuel economy of a motor-cycle. There was just one snag. The vehicle had a tendency to fall over when it came to a stop. This problem was solved by fitting bulldozer-style wide tyres and a computer-linked gyroscope. According to the report which appeared in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, in 1983, the car was expected to be in production within a few years. Only one more problem had to be solved - the fact that the vehicle had to be propped up when parked. Later the newspaper suggested that the story be taken with a pinch of salt!

My Word is My Bond

My Word is My Bond When theh wealthy Austrian cound came to visit Mr Green's Farm, the two immediately struck a deal. Green wanted to sell his run-down farm and the Austrian seemed willing to pay over the odds for it. It transpired that the count had sold his family jewels and now had $50 000 in bonds. (There are certificates issued by a company or government that prove that the holder will be paid the specified sum of money on a certain date.) The count offered $25 000 in bonds for the farm, and Green readily agreed; the farm was worth a lot less than that. 'To get the farm up to standard I shall need some working capital,' said the count. 'Do you know of anyone who could change some of my remaining bonds for me? Green was also a banker and was very pleased to cash $25 000 of the bonds for the count. Later that evening the two men, and another banker, met in the count's hotel room. Mr Green handed over $25 000 and the deeds for the farm in exchange for $50 000 in bonds. To seal the deal in traditional Austrian manner the count insisted that they drink to it. By the end of the evening, the two bankers were feeling the effects of the drink and did not bother to check the bonds very carefully. When they did so the following day they discovered that all they had was a pile of worthless newspaper. They had been duped by 'Count' Victor Lustig, one of the greatest condidence tricksters the world has ever known.

The Green Cliffs of Dover

The Green Cliffs of Dover Listeners to BBC Radio Four's Today programme were once told, on 1 Arpil, that fast-breeding algae were turning the white cliffs of Dover green. Many listeners believed it.

Vote for Yetta

Vote for Yetta Mrs Yetta Bronstein was one of the candidates in the 1964 American Presidential compaign. Her slogan was 'Vote for Yetta and things will get Better'. Yetta Bronstein was a middle-aged housewife from the Bronx area of New York. She felt that the country needed a mother-figure and it seemed a lot of ordinary voters agreed with her; 'I'm voting for Yetta' badges were worn by people all over the city. No one seemed to wonder why Yetta Bronstein was never seen in public or why there were no photographs of her. The reason was simple she did not exist! She had been invented by Alan Abel, a well-known hoaxer, and his wife.

Phone Fault

Phone Fault The telephone caller said he was a telephone engineer. There's a rather serious fault,' he said. 'Your line is blocking all the other telephones in the area. Could you please cut the cord and that will free the congestion. There will be a telephone engineer at your house in 20 minutes to mend your phone.' Somewhat surprisingly, many people in Lancashire, England, who received that call believed it to be genuine and dutifully cut the telephone cord as told. Real telephone engineers were not too pleased when they heard of the hoax. They had quite a few telephones to repair.

Caravan Caper

Caravan Caper Film producer, Mel Brooks, was delighted when actor, Frank Sinatra, allowed him to borrow his studio caravan to entertain a friend. Brooks was new to Hollywood and was extremely grateful that the star had been kind enough to offer his help. After a few drinks, Brooks and his friend felt they needed a breath of fresh air so they went out og the caravan for a walk. When they went out of the caravan for a walk. When they stepped outside they were astonished to find that they did not know where they were. Frank Sinatrao had hired a truck to take the caravan to a side street several miles away. It was some time before Mel Brooks found his way back to the studio!

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