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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

A Boost for the Museum

A Boost for the Museum In 1960, the directors of the Gothenburg Museum in Sweden were looking for a way to attract more visitors to their displays. They decided to exhibit a strange creature called a Vitrysk Strandmuddlare (a white Russian shore-muddler). The white Russian shore-muddler is a very strange creature indeed. Its head and fore-parts are from a body wild pig, its tusks are made from the teeth of an alligator, its hind-quarters and tail are those of a squirrel and its back feet are those of a water fowl. It is such a deliberate hoax that it is unlikely that anyone would be fooled into believing it to be real. But just in case anyone should be deceived, the museum displays the creature only once a year - on 1 April.

Pyiama Game

Pyiama Game Heart-throb film star Rudolph Valentino apologized to the audience at a film premiere for appearing in his pyjamas; he had overslept. And then to everyone's surprise he began to remove his pyjamas. The audience gasped, but apprehension soon gave way to laughter. Valentino was wearing a suit underneath his pyjamas.

Charlie's Surprise

Charlie's Surprise The great film comedian, Charlie Chaplin, once entered a Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest for a laugh. To his surprise, he didnt win.

Prove You are Guilty

Prove You are Guilty Hans van Meegeren was arrested in July, 1945, for selling a painting to the Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, during the Second World War. This was considered to be collabarating with the Germans, the punishment for which was death. The painting was The Women Taken in Adultery by the Dutch master, Vermeer. In court, Meergeren insisted that he had not collaborated. The 'Vermeer' was a forgery that he had painted himself. The judge was naturally reluctant to believe him but he gave Meegeren the chance to paint another 'Vermeer' that would fool the experts. So, under supervision, Meegeren painted a new 'Vermeer' which he called Jesus Among the Doctors. The painting was good enough to convince the court, and the collaboration charges were dropped. Several other paintings, supposedly by Vermeer, were then discovered to be Meegeren's. He was brought to trail again, this time charged with deception. Meegeren was given a prison sentence of one year but he died of a heart attack six weeks later - aged 57.

What's been Stolen

What's been Stolen Hugh Tray, one of America's most talked of practical jokers, once left a pile of burglary equipment outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA. This caused a stir among the museum staff. They organized a frantic search of the premises to see which of their treasures had been stolen during the night.

Fair Cops

Fair Cops Prior to his marriage to Sarah Ferguson in July, 1986, Prince Andrew held a party for some of his friends. Towards the end of the evening three policewomen entered the club, stayed for a short while and then left. It turned out that they were Pamela Stevenson, the Princess of Wales and Sarah Ferguson!

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