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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

An Unfair Cop

An Unfair Cop In 1976, motorists in Maidstone, Kent, in England, began receiving parking tickets for no reason whatsoever, and the local traffic wardens were blamed for being too keen. Then some drivers looked at the tickets was extremely rude! A police officer in change of the town's traffic wardens explained that the tickets were a hoax. 'We want to make it clear that we are not responsible for the fakes,' he said. 'We wish we knew who it was.'

Cat Catch

Cat Catch One of the exhibits on show at one of P T Barnum's shows was the Cherry-coloured Cat. When visitors had paid their money they were shown an ordinary black cat. Well, some cherries are black!

The Three-humped Camel

The Three-humped Camel An advertisement once appeared in a Welsh local paper which read: 'Last - one three-humped camel. Owner desperat. Reward.' A telephone number was given for people to ring. The landlord of the local pub was not very pleased. It was his number that had been given and over 70 people rang him, claiming to have seen his non-existent camel.

Hughes Hoax

Hughes Hoax Howard Hughes was an eccentric American Millionarie who lived the life of a recluse and was never seen in public. When Clifford lrving approached a publishing house and pretended that Hughes had given him permission to 'ghost' (co-write) his autobiography, the publishers, McGraw-Hill, were delighted. They agreed to pay a large advance sum to the millionarie and another sum of Irving. What they did not know was that Irving had already opened a Swiss bank account in the name of H R Hughes and took both sums himself. Irving was able to travel the world on his ill-gotten gains. Whenever McGraw-Hill contacted him, Irving would say he had just finished another interview with the millionarie and that the book was coming along fine. Unfortunately for Irving, another hoaxer cane up with the same idea and made a similar offer to a different publisher who immediately announced the fact. Naturally, McGraw-hill instantly made it known that they had already negotiated exclusive rights with the millionaire. The news got back to Huges, himself, and a private detective was hired to investigate. It was not long before Irving's fraud was discovered.

The Mystery of Dr James Barry

The Mystery of Dr James Barry In 1809, James Barry entered Edinburgh University as a medical student. Two years later, at the age of 12 he qualified as a doctor. At the age of 17 he became an army surgeon. He pursued a brilliant medical career in Cape Town and all over the world, finally returning to Britian in 1864. The following year he died and for the first time his secret was revealed. He was a woman!

The Amercian Rhinoceros

The Amercian Rhinoceros On a snowy day at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York state, Hugh Tray barrowed a friend's wastepaper basket made from the foot of a rhinoceros. He tied some lengths of rope to it and then, with the help of a colleague, swung the foot to and fro so that is left footprints in the snow. Keeping some distance away from the prints they were making, the two men walked through the university campus. The next day, the footprints were indentified by a zoologist as those of a rhinoceros and the event caused quite a stir - especially as the prints ended in the middel of frozen lake in the centre of which was an enormous hole!

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