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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

A Cheep Trick

A Cheep Trick During the Second World War, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, often had meetings with President Roosevelt of USA. The two men occasionally had breakfast together whilst discussing world affaris. On one such occasion, Churchill received quite a suprise. He cracked open his boiled egg - and a live chick popped out! Churchill had fallen prey to Roosevelt's favourite joke. Before breakfast he had put the chick into an empty shell, made some pin holes in part of the shell so the chick could breathe and then sealed the two halves together.

Let Us Spray

Let Us Spray The men in white coats apologized for causing a bit of a traffic jam but explained to the waiting motorists that their tyres had to be sprayed to prevent the spread of a mysterious plague that was wiping out wildlife in the area. Most motorists accepted the story without question. A few complained and police then discovered that the 'scientists' were students from a university who had thought up the hoax.

Come to Party

Come to Party Film director, Robert Altoman, wondered what on earth had happened when hordes of people turned up at his home for a party. The guest had all received invitations, but Altman knew nothing about the party. A short while later he was inundated with people who wanted to be extras on his next film. It had been announced on a local television station that he was looking for 2500 extras. Then he found out who was behind the hoax. It was actor, Paul Newman. When the two men had worked together on the film, Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Altam had filled Newman's onlocation caravan with popcorn, for a joke. To get his own back, Paul Newman had arranged the invitations and television announcement.

The Six-horse Race

The Six-horse Race Arthur Bottomley, an English confidence trickster, once devised what appeared to be a foolproof way of winning a lot of money on horse racing. He made sure that he owned all the horses in a race in Blankenburg, Belgium, but pretended that they were all owned by different people. The jockeys were told in which order they were to finish and he hired several people to place bets on his behalf. The scheme seemed perfect, but once the race had started, a thick mist blew in from the sea. The jockeys lost sight of each other in the fog and eventually crossed the finishing line in the wrong order.

Sentences from the Sentenced

Sentences from the Sentenced When on advertisement appeared in several European magazines that some Italian girls were looking for male pen friends, many men replied. Several of them built up a regular a meeting. Each one followed the same pattern. The girl would write to say that she did not have enough money for the journey. Quite naturally the man, who by then though he had a good chance of marrying the girl, would send her the fare. But when the man went to the meeting place the girl did not turn up. One man decided to investigate further and visit the girl in her own home. When he got there he found it was a jail! The young Italian girsl were in fact five male prisoners and they made quite a bit of money from their scheme.

The Isles of San Serriffe

The Isles of San Serriffe In 1977, the British newspaper, The Guardian published a report about the semi-colon-shaped Isles of San Serriffe which were celebrating their 10th year of independence. The report contained several advertisements and an interview with the islands' president, General Maria-Jesu Pica. There was also a competition in which readers could win two week's holiday in the islands. Very few people realized that the name of the republic and its president were derived from printing terms. And, somewhat surprisingly, only one person complained about the hoax. The closing date for entires for the competition was 31 March - the day before the item was published, on 1 April!

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