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World's Greatest Hoaxes & Frauds !!!

Stone's Stories

Stone's Stories Louis T Stone of Winsted, Connecticut, USA, was a reporter with an unusual flair. He did not report stories-he made them up. Many of the newspaper editors who used his material between 1895 and 1933 knew the stories were hoaxes - but they were so popular they continued to use them. Among stone's stories were those of the bald man who was pestered by flies-so he painted a spider on his head to keep them away; a chicken farmer who plucked his chickens with a vacuum cleaner; and a cat with a harelip that could whistle Yankee Doodle Dandy. Stone made Winsted so famous that a sign was put an at the edge of the town: 'Winsted, Connecticut, founded in 1779, has been put on the map by the ingenious and queer stories that emanate from this town and which are printed all over the country, thanks to L T stone.'

Air Shortage

Air Shortage Overweight Americans were alarmed when it was announced that anyone weighing over 89 kilograms (14 stone) was to be deported. This drastic measure had become necessary, the newspaper reports said, because pollution was leading to a shortage of oxygen. As fat people consumed more than their fair share of air, they had to go. People realized that the proposal was a hoax when they discovered that the reports had been written by Alan Abel, a New Yorker who was well known for his amazing and successful practical jokes.

Shoe Inspection

Shoe Inspection In 1971 it was announced over the public address system at the Royal Air Force base at Cranwell, England, that a fault had been discovered in all shoes issued to officers. The owners were asked to hand their shoes in at the parter's lodge for checking. A great many officers did so, but those that had recognized the voice knew better. It had been Prince Charles, who had a reputation for pulling practical jokes.

Footprints on the Ceiling

Footprints on the Ceiling A man was visiting his friend, the great American president, Abraham Lincoln. He walked into one room and received quite a surprise. Someone had walked across the ceiling! Up the walls and across the ceiling there was a track of clear footprints. Later he discovered that Lincoln was the man behind the hoax. It was one of his favourite jokes. He would have a room painted and then hold someone upside down to walk across the ceiling, leaving footprints in the paint.

The Winged Sea-dragon

The Winged Sea-dragon In 1749, fisherman off the coast of Suffolk, England, found a strange animal in their mackerel nets. When it was eventually captured it was seen to be a small winged sea-dragon. Its body was covered in scales rather like those of an alligator and it had very sharp teeth. It also had wings so it was able to swim and fly. The sea-dragon was a hoax and had in fact been made from the skin of an angel shark moulded into the shape of a small dragon.

How to Defy Gravity

How to Defy Gravity Patrick Moore is a respected astronomer with a great reputation as an expert in his field. One morning in 976 he explained on a BBC radio programme that the gravitational pull on the Earth would be decreased by the fact that the planet Pluto was passing close to Jupiter. To test it, he told people to jump into the air at exactly 9.47 that morning. They would feel lighter and would be ableto float in the air for several seconds. It seem that lots of people believed him as they telephoned the BBC to say that the experiment had worked. They must have been very gullible, particularly as the date was 1 April.

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