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  • I met Prashant when i was in college. When i saw him the first time i liked him very much and wanted to know him but he was a very shy guy and always used to be silent and pre-occupied. His seriousness used to keep me away but one day i just dared to talk to him. And then knowing him and loving him was a blessing. Well for him it was not a love at first sight and he took one year to open up but from day one i knew that i loved him. Yes Love at first sight does exist.
  • `Love at first sight` used to be a fairy tale story to me untill now when i met her and i am so head over heels in love with her. She is the most beautiful woman on earth. I love her so much that i cant imagine a life without her. I am waiting for the day when she will be mine forever but i guess that has to wit for some time now. But i know one thing and that is she is made for me and i will never stop loving her.
  • I never used to believe in it but one day I was standing in a queue in the post office and that is when I saw him. He was filling in some form. At first I couldn't see his face but then he turned around and that was when our eyes met. I felt like my heart had stopped thumping and I kept on staring at him shamelessly. He looked away but I stood there like a statue. He turned again and smiled at me. That's when I came back to my senses and smiled back. I was absolutely shocked when I saw him coming towards me. He came up to me and asked me if I had a pen. He tells me now that he had to start a conversation so he asked for a pen. But the fact is love at first sight does exist and Ashish and I have experienced it.
  • My love story really sounds like a fairy tale story. I fell in love with Sonia in the air when I was traveling to Madras. She was sitting alone looking absolutely stunning in a pink outfit in the first row. The moment I saw her I knew that I had to be with her. Luckily the seat next to her was not occupied so I asked the air hostess to shift me there and I am thankful that she did. When I went to sit next to her she smiled at me. I introduced myself and then we talked through the entire journey. She gave me her number and that's when I knew that I had her love. We are engaged now and will soon get married.
  • great. very few people get to experience it. it is a feeling of having world into ur pockets. It makes u do everything good which u never think of
  • yeah,i bilieve....it exist.i can never forget that moment.i was in a queue for getting the cat form in a bank.she was behind me....i turned towards her but unfortunately....she turned down...i said finally "thank you" and went off.she was so beautiful but this was god`s wish.
    Alok Anand
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