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  • sex is to lay in your partner's arms with faith,to do things with craziness,to understand each other betterly, to open up freely,to explore the way to satisfy each other,to say i love u
  • Sex is living alone for so many years just to wait for someone you trully love..Its sacrifice
  • Sex is ......................... undefinable.. brings tears to your eyes, joy to your heart, warmth to your soul.. its something which goes beyond the realms of words n space n humanity.
  • I hear you in every sweet song I hear I feel you in every breeze that passes me by Every thought that runs through my head Is filled with sweet memories of you Every tear I shed I shed for you Every breath I take, I hope to breathe you in 'Til every pore in me is consumed by you. And I never wanna stop, no, never wanna stop A Lifetime of seeing you, breathing you And feeling you is just not enough. It can never be enough, Though you're all that I ever need When will I be yours my prince? Oh when will that be my Love? I long to surrender to your touch, Your tender kisses and your warm embrace I'm waiting for you with open arms, Cause you make my existence complete. This is what sex should be about... copyright B Isaac.
    B Isaac
  • Sex is opening the door of A woman's heart with a man's key.Its true love
  • The combination of senses which are touches, smell, hear, visibility and hearing mixed with lustrous emotion on exact activity which ends in full of satisfaction and firmness of love
    Noble Reign
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