Other's Lookout about 'What sex is ?'

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  • To me sex is knowing you are there for each other through the hard times and the good times. It's sharing
  • Sex is the union of two. In Body, soul and spirit. It is knowing each other inside out and knowing at that moment, that nothing else in the whole world matters but your love for each other.
    Bee Happy
  • Sex is travelling together in an unknown wonderful world. It's evasion.
  • sex is knowing someone inside and out
  • sex is exploration and raw love..its wanting to lay like that forever and forgetfullness of everything else..its right and gives a high only if its with ur true love..
  • Sex is a divine feeling.It makes one's life complete.It transforms two partners into one body and one soul.Pure and healthy sex means successful human birth. Sex is the outcome of true love,trust,understanding,compassion,commitment and dedication and respect towards each other.
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