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  • sex provides u a pease of mind that can not be achieved by any other means.
    raja wasim khan
  • sex is a strong bond between two
  • Obviously you do not know what sex is.... Sex is... a physical realationship between a man and a woman, it is the uniting of two souls (of a different sex) through sexual intercourse. You know that it is good sex when it lasts a long time (ok over a minute) and the feeling becomes unbearable, and you dont know what to feel afterwards, but the feelings are nice and your partner levaes you wanting more...
  • sex is the most romantic way for two people to express their love. It's a wonderful feeling.
  • Sex is when u r with the one u love and want to share all ur dreams with the one u love so much.
  • Sex can be intimately achieved by sharing this web to your partner, that's what I just did.
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