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I asked god for a flower,
he gave me a garden
I asked god for a tree,
He gave me a forest.
I asked god for a sea,
He gave me an ocean.
I asked god for an angel,
he gave me you.

I love you more than anything
in this world,
And i will always love you
for the rest of my life
Until the day i die
And day by day i will love you
more and more forever.

Sometimes a wish could be made
to come true,
but i lost my only wish
the day i lost you.

if dreams weren't dreams
And dreams came true
I wouldn't be here,
I'd be next to you.
Distance is one thing
that kept us apart
but you will always
remain in my heart.

Someone, somewhere,
dreams of you and smiles,
And while thinking of you says
Life is worthwhile.
So when you are feeling lonely
Remember, it's true
Someone, somewhere,
is thinking of you.

Tapish Suraj Ki Hoti Hai,Jalana Jamin Ko Padata Hai,.
Kushur Ankhonka Hota Hai, Tadapana Dil Ko Padata Hai.

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