Winning Back Your Past Love

At times we say and do things which are hurtful and end up being bitterand spoil our relationships. We repent later and think that it might be too late to get back together. But it is never too late. If you think that the break up was because of your mistake and you still love him very much then read the following points that will help you win back your past love.

Keep your ego aside
The first and foremost thing to win back your love is to keep your ego aside and approach him with an open heart ready to apologize for the hurtful things you said or did to him. Put your heart, your reputation, your pride, whatever is dear to you on the line. If there truly isn't blame to be assigned, then a bit of romance should remedy your problem.

Make genuine efforts to change yourself
If the break up was mainly because something about the way you live is intolerable to your partner, then take steps to change yourself. If a certain habit or part of your lifestyle made the break up happen then now is the time for you to decide whether keeping those habits or lifestyles is more valuable to you than your past love. Getting love and being loved is the most important thing and if that means that you have to change yourself then it is worth it. Having your love back should be much more important to you than having a lifestyle or habit that is not only bad for you but also your relationship.

Show your love and sincerity
If your break up was because your past love didn't trust you or doubted your love and sincerity and thought that you were not serious about the relationship then now is the time when you have to prove to him how much you love him and how much he means to you. Ask him o0ut, do things with him that are important to him, spend time with him and his family. These things will help you re-build the trust and love.


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